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Temporary residents or tourists: The temporary residents are tourists in the state and stay for a temporary period there.

The foreign students or foreign teachers or foreign doctors or experts belong to this category.3.

For example, a naturalised citizen cannot become the President of the USA.

The presidential candidate must be a natural citizen.

Naturalised citizens: A naturalised citizen is one who was originally an alien and who has acquired citizenship of the adopting country by fulfilling certain conditions.

Generally there is no difference between a natural and naturalised citizen with regard to the rights and duties.We shall now explain them: (I) Jus Sanguinis: It literally means law of blood.This system says that the child gets the citizenship of his father irrespective of the place of birth.The position was not very different in the medieval Europe. The position is quite different in modern nation-states, where all adult people are citizens who need not take an active part in the administration of the country, because it is not possible for the entire population of a vast country to meet together and make law and interpret it or enforce it.A citizen of a modern state is defined by Witelo Latin Vitello: “A member of a civil society, bound to it by certain duties, subjected to its authority and an equal recipient of its advantage”. Laski’s citizenship is “the contribution of one’s instructed judgment to the public good.” This is the most positive outlook of citizenship.Thus Vitello’s citizen is a member of the state, he owes allegiance to it and enjoys the protection and benefits granted by it. According to Laski, a citizen is to contribute his utmost ability towards the material and moral advancement of the state.With the progress of the states the concept of citizenship also underwent some metamorphosis.The methods of acquiring citizenship are broadly two – by birth and by naturalisation.1.Acquisition of Citizenship by Birth: The acquisition of citizenship by birth may be studied under two heads, namely jus sanguinis and jus soli.But in political science we use this terminal different sense.To find the real meaning of the term we are to go back to ancient Greece.


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