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Current Trends As a result of the negative information available with regard to racial profiling, numerous law enforcement agencies and government officials now have publicly "disavowed" the practice, prohibited it, or condemned it completely (Banks, 2003).

Many studies of law enforcement practices are also being adopted in order to document the extent to which racial profiling is occurring, and in an attempt to identify whether such efforts have been effective or not (Banks, 2003).

Who was that person who decided that some racial characteristics can tell whether a person is a criminal or not?

Racial profiling is one of good topics for argumentative essays.

“ Racial profiling is the merchandise of unethical and immoral ideals and beliefs in action ” ( Savive, 2012 ) . The Fourth Amendment states that persons have the right to be secure in their individuals against unreasonable hunts without likely cause.

Racial profiling violates both the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States ( U. The Fourteenth Amendment warrants equal protection of the jurisprudence to all its citizens nevertheless ; those who are subjugated to racial profiling are non being treated to the same justness and hunts as their white opposite numbers ( Head, 2012 ) .

Extensive evidence suggest that even in jurisdictions that have prohibited the practice, racial profiling is still occurring, perhaps as a result of ingrained practices that officers or law enforcement officials are having a difficult time overcoming (Banks, 2003).

The large majority of evidence available with regard to racial profiling suggests that the practice is largely ineffective, or at minimum the practice has provided ambiguous results and little empirical evidence (Banks, 2003).

There is also evidence to suggest that racial profiling results in less effective crime fighting and a tendency on the part of law enforcement agents to focus on suspects based on race rather than focus on them based on legitimate reason (Banks, 2003). In the present days the process of racial profiling has changed to a great extent.

Current trends suggest that despite an adequate amount of support refuting the efficacy of racial profiling; it is still a relatively common practice among many police agencies (Banks, 2003; Mcleod, 2003; Harris, 2002). (Harris, 58) The racial profiling, till the present period was indicated towards the practice of police dragging over the black male drivers discriminately on the empirically valid but morally denounced hypothesis that they The inverse would also be true.


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