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He thought it was a straight way to the sun god Osiris. “Fourth Dynasty and History.” Arts and Humanities Through the Eras Ed. (Putnam 23) He couldn’t be buried the treasures that helped him pass over to the next life. In order to do that though they thought he had to get on the boat that he was put to rest in the previous life.

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A pyramid is an enormous construction, which helps the king go through immortality and the wall of the dead and live forever in the happiness of the gods.

The Ancient Pyramids of Egypt will always remind us of the architectural accomplishments of Egypt’s Old Kingdom.

Works Cited “Building the Great Pyramids of Cheops.” Science and its Times Ed.

- Outline Worksheet Introduction ATTENTION GETTER: Video viewing most of the tourist attractions in Egypt.

Gold and rubies were very important to the rituals that the people had to go through to help them pass over to the next life. The lion head which was a god named Apedemak was on the ring. ...ieroglyphs also were thought to be some sort of magic that could make sure that whatever was carved was for sure going to happen.

On the top was a row of royal cobras ready to st... They thought that the pharaoh had to be mean to the gods so he could enter into heaven.

Another theory that I can not trace back to any one individual is that the great Pyramid was built by Aliens.

The exact location of the Pyramid is under the constellations of Orion, Sirius, Beta Ursa Minor, and Alpha Draconis.

He wasn’t being selfish at the time like most people might think.

If anything he was trying to help himself and the people around gain eternal life. Pharaohs and Pyramids Library Journal 1 September 1st.


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