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This essay discusses both sides of the argument before arriving at a conclusion.

This essay discusses both sides of the argument before arriving at a conclusion.

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There is a growing consensus among many people that individual photographers should not follow famous personalities and interfere in their personal life by capturing their private photographs while others opine that this is the price to pay for being famous.

Paparazzi primarily benefit celebrities by increasing their exposure to the public, which attracts fans and popularity, but the paparazzi also receives criticism for harming celebrities through foot chases and car chases.

The paparazzi receive praise from some by exposing the lives of celebrities to average citizens, following them as they run errands, visit nightclubs and go on vacation.

However, others criticize the paparazzi for invading celebrities' privacy and damaging their careers through negative publicity.

Paparazzi members act as photographers and journalists.Societies hold paparazzi responsible for several high-profile accidents, including the death of Princess Diana of Wales in 1997.Some people feel that paparazzi should not follow celebrities and invade their privacy by taking pictures of them everywhere, while others believe this is just the price of fame. Give reasons for your answer, and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.They follow celebrities to gain insights to their personal lives, such as who their friends are, who they date, and where they live, work and vacation.The paparazzi documents celebrities' lives through photographs and written articles, distributed in magazines and journals.Sometimes, paparazzi benefits some celebrities by documenting and reporting on good deeds, such as involvement with charitable organizations and human rights campaigns.For budding celebrities, the exposure gained through paparazzi increases visibility to the public. Paparazzi benefits the careers of some celebrities, but hurts others.Essay conclusion examples are different depending on the type of paper.It is not a good idea to apply the methods used to end up a reflective paper impressively to the persuasive/argumentative paper, which requires forcing a reader to accept the writer’s position.Moreover, the family members of these celebrities always complain that they do not get enough time because of the media, and the authorities should have appropriate law to tackle this situation.For instance, in a recent interview on Star News, family members of a famous star mentioned that they go through a lot of stress because of these individual photographers who invade their private space.


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