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The violins and trumpets play the melody in a mariachi song. The guitar is a six-stringed instrument and is part of the armonia family in the mariachi.

In the United States, we see Cinco De Mayo celebrations including Mexican food.

Mariachi music is performed in big cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago.

Here is a list of Mariachi bands that are the top groups in Mexico and the United States: Mariachi music is traditional folk music from Mexico that includes five different instruments.

Mariachi music was born in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

This day is an important day in Mexico because on May 5th, 1862, the French invaded the small town of Puebla Mexican, which started the Battle of Puebla, which last about three hours.

The Mexican Army was able to defeat the French Army in this battle.A great way to add to the lesson is to have a Mexican food day.You can do something as simple as chips and salsa, or you can go all out with a Mexican taco bar.Wenatchee, in North Central Washington, is known as the Apple Capital of the United States.The student population in the two schools where Mr. Ramon Rivera’s music program at Wenatchee High School is a Give A Note Foundation grant recipient. The National Association for Music Education (NAf ME) provides a number of forums for the sharing of information and opinion, including blogs and postings on our website, articles and columns in our magazines and journals, and postings to our Amplify member portal.Many elements make up their conference beyond the lessons in music and dance.They also have a mariachi hall of fame, showcase competition for both music and dance, a mariachi mass, an event entitled La Pasion de Mariachi which takes an in-depth look into the music in terms of instrumentation, music styles, traditional group composition as well as the history of mariachi.I encourage you to use Cinco de Mayo as a way of bringing Mariachi music into your classroom.First, show your class a video of a Mariachi that can be easily found on You Tube. Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque works to promote New Mexico’s vibrant, artistic and cultural soul.The event sets itself a part from others by bringing in top talent instructors called maestros who are often icons in the music industry.


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