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The actor’s performance ‘But in a fiction, in a dream of passion’ (2.2.552) puts Hamlet to shame, because ‘the motive and the cue for passion’ (2.2.561) that Hamlet has are real and compelling, yet all he can do, as he says, is mope about ‘Like John-a-dreams, unpregnant of my cause’ (2.2.568).

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This visitation / Is but to whet thy almost blunted purpose’ (3.4.110–11).

Indeed after his departure for England, Hamlet’s obligation to avenge his father seems all but forgotten, and on his return he shows no sign of planning to take his uncle’s life.

The deaths of the innocent father and daughter cause another to seek revenge, Laertes.

Laertes wants to avenge the deaths of his father and sister.

However, there were parts of the play that I disliked.

I disliked the fact that Hamlet over thought every little thing and was unable to kill Claudius when the many opportunities he was given arose.The same soliloquy makes it clear that Hamlet finds neither of the reasons he considers for his delay convincing.That the cause might be ‘some craven scruple / Of thinking too precisely on th’ event’ (4.4.40–41), as a result of which action becomes impossible, might seem plausible.When he does at last kill Claudius in the dying moments of Act 5, he does so suddenly, without forethought, poisoning the King in revenge for conniving to poison him and for accidentally poisoning Gertrude.It’s only by chance, in other words, that Hamlet finally avenges his father’s murder, which might otherwise have remained unavenged.The retribution he happens to exact is exacted too late, moreover, to prevent all the deaths that need not have occurred, if only he had killed Claudius sooner.As a direct or indirect result of his procrastination, Hamlet slays Polonius instead of Claudius; Ophelia goes mad after her father’s murder and drowns; Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dispatched by Hamlet to their deaths; and in the play’s climactic duel Hamlet’s mother drinks from the lethal cup intended for her son, who is fatally wounded by Laertes in revenge for the deaths of his father and sister.Laertes had these worlds to say, "O treble woe/ Fall ten times treble on that cursed head/ Whose wicked deed thy most ingenious sense/ Deprived thee of.?(5.1, 246-248) Laertes blamed Hamlet for the deaths of Polonius and Ophelia and challenged Hamlet to a fencing dual which would be rigged by Claudius and Laertes...Throughout the play of Hamlet by William Shakespeare it becomes apparent that revenge isn’t really worthwhile if you die in achieving it. was murdered by his brother, Claudius, who then became king of Denmark and married his sister-in-law, Hamlet Sr.’s queen.Upon Hamlet’s discovery of the act of treachery he wants his revenge.


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