Essay On Coaching Classes Advantages And Disadvantages

Essay On Coaching Classes Advantages And Disadvantages-69
well as you know to crack competitive exam you have to do there are many disadvantages of coaching but overall it doesn't matter if you are getting success in life well i would say there is only major disadvantage of coaching is that they do spoon feeding so generally students don't think in their own .hence it reduces one thinking power. first of all they take a lot of tuition fee which are not possible for poor students. they make a lot of extra pressure on students which retards their potential. they bound the thinking power of student by giving the knowledge of only limited topics and frequently asked questions. so Coachings has also two parts- advantage and disadvantage.they focus more on short cut methods so students don't know much about things they are studying . Dear friend, Now a days coaching classes have became very important to crack the enterance exams. Student belongs to the poor family can not take coaching because it is to expensive. They do not teach elaboratly or you can say they go for short cuts. They teach only related to the exam so limited subjects are covered. i am listing some of disadvantages below : (1)Coaching are responsible for reducing thinking power of a student.The practice of coaching in the classroom is one of the most effective ways to bring out the best in students, to develop their talents and strengths, to build skills and confidence and to nurture learning.

A powerful technique of listening and questioning can provide a myriad of benefits on many levels.

There are lots of disadvantage of coaching class ,they only compete your course and you does not understand that , I think self study is the best study . there are so many student who take admission in coaching institution to get only the short way to solve the problem.

• Good coaching institutes also help students recognise their strengths and weaknesses.

They provide students with an organised study pattern and regular revision of the curriculum, thereby leaving no stone unturned on their preparation for the examination.

• Since the amount of money being charged is huge, one should look at the value being derived from it.

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• One can even talk to the faculty and more importantly alumni or the students already studying there about their opinion of the institute.

There is no denying the fact that several competent educators in this field with their vast knowledge, experience and passion to teach are give good guidance and direction to the students.

However, there is also no denying the fact that many of the coaching institutes have simply become money-churning organisations.

Despite the best efforts of teachers, students sometimes need that extra push of encouragement to help them thrive.

But finding the most effective method of achieving that can sometimes be tricky.


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