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It was a family feud that began in the mid-11th century - that culminated in the Battle of Hastings in 1066, a battle between the English and the Norman-French that boiled down to a squabble over secession.

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22 to 25, 2016, at the Bayeux Tapestry Museum to mark the 950th year since the Battle of Hastings, which inaugurated the Norman Conquest of England.

The 400-page book, published by Éditions point de vues, includes the 23 presentations made at the conference.

Read on to find a summary of the conflict, along with some fun facts!

Any of us with siblings or other extended relatives knows that family members often like to fight with each other.

However, this hasty handover was problematic for several men with aspirations to the English crown.

Harold's brother Tostig also claimed rights of succession, along with the Viking King, Harald Hardrada of Norway, who staked his own claim on a prior Anglo-Norse unification.

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The Anglo-Norman conglomeration has had an indelible effect on our language, and much of modern English still reflects the influences of Anglo-French interaction (i.e. • The Old Norman (French) mottos Dieu et mon droit ('God and my right') and Honi soit qui mal y pense ('Shame to he who thinks evil of it') still adorn the Royal Coat of Arms for the United Kingdom.

• The Duke of Normandy was a man of many titles, including 'William the Bastard,' which may account for Harold's unwillingness to admit an illegitimate bloodline to the throne.


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