Essay On Animal Cruelty In Circuses

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Training exotic animals is obviously hard because the animals should not be learning these tricks and should be out in their natural habitat.

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Circuses first started in Rome and the first circus was called the Circus Maximus it was almost solely used for chariot races but occasionally it was used for events such as gladiator fights.

Animals have been used in circuses since the first circus was made now they are used in performances in such peculiar and cruel ways such as elephant conga lines, flaming hoop jumping and unicycle riding.

By spotlighting captive breeding programs in North America for animals to be used for entertainment, these circuses do nothing to raise awareness of the wild elephant's largest threat today-human encroachment into elephant territory and loss of habitat.

There was a time when a circus may have represented the only exposure a child had to a wild animal.

Animals in Circuses Animals in circuses are widely used worldwide, but are they treated fairly?

There are plenty of debates about this growing issue.

Elephant deaths in circuses are normally caused due to osteoporosis.

Elephants suffer from Osteoporosis simply because they do not have wide spaces to move around.

Some of the trainers and circus staff would argue that they provide suitable care and support to their animals but some inspections contradict that fact.

This essay will show evidence on why there needs to be better laws and management on how circuses treat animals.


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