Essay On Advantages Of Joint Family System

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Today, as a person from the generation that broke out of the system in the hope of immense freedom, I look behind and ask myself 'what has my generation really and truly gained from the quest for freedom and what has it lost'.

The one and only major gain that I see from the 'nuclear family' system is the opportunity it provides us to create an identity of our own - something we as human beings crave for and are born for.

Today we have a generation of people who after having lived in a joint family system have taken the initiative to break out and start a nuclear family.

This generation today has come of age and very well appreciates the strengths and weaknesses of both the system.

In a sense I represent such a generation and therefore wish to present my personal thoughts on why and how we could revive and make a 'the joint family system' work.

The generation that broke out of the old joint family system did so when individualistic thinking began to gain predominance in the society.We must consider it as a possible model for future families.In countries like India, with increase in population and resources like land and space becoming scarce, the families and individuals are leading a life filled with stress and worry.One of the recent cartoons by cartoonist Ashok Dongre was a tragic satire on the hard and cold realities of today.The cartoon was followed by a question that Ashok raised relating to the problem of ill affordability of owning a place in the cities today.On the loss side there are several -Through this article I wish to propose that based on our experiences of two fundamentally different models of family, we create a new family model based on the 'joint family system'.In this new model the basic and underlying concept of the joint family would remain the same however it will incorporate changes in the ways members in the family interact with one another.Hence whenever and wherever the parents and the grown up adult children could not get along well and when the adult children could afford to build a house to call their own, nuclear families began to be formed.As it happens with most changes in the society, initially the people from the old system did not take this change very well.On the other hand the situation in developed countries is similar for different reason. the individuals are stressed out for different reasons.Some of the major problems that people living in developed countries face are - job insecurity due to unstable economy, difficulty in raising children while pursuing career ambitions, young adults having difficulty starting out on their own.


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