Essay On A Lost Opportunity That I Regret

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Others would then say that he had wasted his opportunity.

Opportunities arise as one goes through life, whether at home, in studies or later on at work.

Opportunities may present themselves, but one must be ready for them. But luck is the name of the game of life and if you were to ask every person, he would have his tale of wasted opportunities.

A person who has prepared himself by acquiring the right qualifications and work experience would be well equipped to seize the opportunity if the job he desires comes by. After all, people may think there is no harm trying.

I hate it, seeing you around the high school but not being able to say “hi.” People would talk about you, and I could barely stand it--they knew you better than I did. With each challenge and curveball that life has thrown my way, it shines through to me that do-overs are available in abundance if we choose to look at life with a different perspective.

Every time I heard your name, about your achievements, about how you wanted to be an English teacher, a knot forms in my chest (cheesy, right? I’m happy plenty, but I’d be happier still if you were with me, too. Despite all the regrets I’ve compiled as I’ve aged, I’ve come to one conclusion on the option of do-overs: I wouldn’t change a single thing. Essentially, each day is our own personal do-over--another day to try again and be better than the person we were yesterday.

Opportunities are like these, you have to recognize them and hope that by seizing them, they will lead to certain desired outcomes.

For example, a guy may be a secret admirer of a girl.

However, he may not take it up if his family does not allow him.

Then many will say that he had wasted an opportunity.


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