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While I have enjoyed her many novels and, as a stay at home mother by choice, value her decision, I also enjoyed this collection of newspaper columns.

While I have enjoyed her many novels and, as a stay at home mother by choice, value her decision, I also enjoyed this collection of newspaper columns.

Quindlen became a full time student within a year following her mother's passing.

As the eldest of five children in an Irish Catholic family, Quindlen was expected to stay home until marriage to assist her father with the raising of her four younger siblings.

Over the years I have enjoyed reading Quindlen's nonfiction essays and how to on life books as well as novels such as Black and Blue and more recently Miller's Valley.

I found it refreshing to read this collection of essays from when she was close in age to where I am now with two young children at home, grappling whether to work or to become a full time home maker.

I wish I could hang out with her just for an afternoon, with the hopes of becoming a little more like her simply through osmosis. It was great, but about two years too late for my life. (The only novel of hers I’ve thought was spectacular is Black and Blue.) She writes very well, thoughtfully and often with humor about everything personal, cultural, political, etc.

This book was written in the late 80's by the great Anna Quindlen and I love her. Each chapter is quite short (about 3-5 pages) and so abrupt. If you must read women who write sh Okay, here is what I think about this book. in such a way that it’s easy for (so many, not just me) to feel as though she’d be a wonderful friend.Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market.At the time of publication of this collection of columns, she was working on her first novel Object Lessons.She turned to book rather than column writing because the deadlines were not as strict, allowing her more time at home with her children.But we know the hopes, dreams, fears, and wonder expressed in all her columns, for most of us share them.With her NEW YORK TIMES-based column, "LIF"A panopticon of life in this decade, sure to be valuable to future social historians She touches on life, love, home, family, work, men, women, children and issues large and small."CHICAGO TRIBUNEThe voice is Anna Quindlen's.Living Out Loud takes me back to a time when Quindlen was a young mother in her thirties and balancing work, family, and everything in between.If the feminist movement wanted a poster child for cracking the glass ceiling, it could look no further than Anna Quindlen.Before Anna Quindlen became an award winning novelist, she was a syndicated columnist for the New York Times.Joining the newspaper right out of college and rising through its ranks relatively quickly, Quindlen wrote a "Life in the Thirties" column once a week for the paper, offering her take on anything from childrearing and feminism to growing up Catholic and memories both good and bad from her youth.


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