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Representatives elected by the people conduct the affairs of the state with public support.If they don’t work efficiently or don’t come up to the expectations of their masters i.e., the public, they are thrown in the dustbin of history when elections are held again.

Gilchrist opines that democracy or popular governments always function with consensus and therefore question of revolt or revolution does not arise.

(vi) Stable government: Democracy is based on public will. It is, therefore, more stable than other forms of Government.

Advantages of Democracy Democracy is considered to be the best form of government these days.

Most of the countries in the world have adopted it.

These days tenure of the elected representatives is fixed.

They form a stable government because it is based on public support.Under monarchy the Monarch takes decisions as he pleases.Under dictatorship, the dictators do not involve people at all in decision making, people have no right to criticise the decisions of the dictator even when they are bad and against people’s welfare.Character assassination is openly practised, unethical ways are generally adopted. Might of economic power rules over the whole process.Muscle power and money power work hand-in-hand to ensure success to him. It is a big loss for ‘when character is lost, everything is lost’ becomes explicit in due course. The net result is that we get plutocracy under the garb of democracy-democracy in name and form, plutocracy in reality. The rich hold the media and use it for their own benefit.(ii) Rule of the incompetent: Democracies are run by incompetent persons. In it, every citizen is allowed to take part, whereas everybody is not fit for it.Locke calls it the act of running administration by the ignorant.The administration is conducted with a sense of responsibility.In representative democracy, people’s representatives discuss matters more thoroughly and take reasonable decision.Demerits of Democracy Following arguments have been given against Democracy: (i) More emphasis on quantity than on quality: It is not based upon the quality but on quantity. Inefficient and corrupt persons get themselves elected.They have neither intelligence, nor vision, nor strength of character to steer through the ship of the state to its destinations.


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