Essay For And Against Wearing Uniforms At School

Of course, the uniform appeared much later, but anyway long ago.

Historians agree that special student costumes originated in the 16th century at English charity schools for orphans and children from poor families.

Disputes about the necessity of school uniform are as eternal as the history of such clothing itself.

Supporters insist that it accustoms children to order and removes signs of social inequality from school.

Originally, 380 children were admitted to the school named Christ's Hospital. A century and a half later, in 1666, the school burned down. Part of them was sent to live in the county of Hertfordshire where the school later acquired its own building. The school is extremely proud of its uniform which is probably the oldest in the world.

300 years after several relocations and reorganizations, Christ's Hospital finally settled in Horsham, West Sussex. A set of Christ's Hospital student clothes includes a long dark blue coat with a belt, breeches or a skirt, yellow knee socks and a white collar.

It is a good example for a persuasive essay on why school uniforms are good.

According to the legend carefully stored in the walls of Christ's Hospital, in 1552, King Edward VI (the son of Henry VIII and his third wife, Jane Seymour, the younger brother of the future Queen Elizabeth I) heard the passionate preaching of the London bishop about the needs of poor people and was so touched that decided to engage in charity.

In the end, the name "bluecoat schools" was fixed for charitable educational institutions.

One of them was Christ's Hospital founded in 1552. The uniform worn by its pupils has not changed much since the reign of Tudors.


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