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Based off this theory, one can also assume that our.Pioneered by Ivan Palov and his famous experiments with dogs and bells, classical conditioning is considered by some to be the fundamentals of learning.Classical Conditioning Chad D Zollo PSY/390 March 4, 2013 Kay Rubin Abstract Classical conditioning (also referred to as “Pavlovian conditioning”), is a theory from the psychology school of behaviorism which states environmental and physical interactions cause the process of learning.

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Unconditioned stimuli is naturally occuring stimulation; this form of stimuli is automatic and generated unintentionally.An unconditioned stimulus (UCS), unconditioned response (UCR), conditioned stimulus (CS), and conditioned response (CR) are all involved in the Pavlovian experiments.Before conditioning, an unconditioned stimulus (the drilling) automatically produces an unconditioned response (the pain from the drill) in the individual.During conditioning, the sound of the dental drill is known as the neutral stimulus because it does not initially produce any effects on the patient at first.As the person becomes associated with the sound of the drill, they realize that when the sound is perceived, the dentist is going to inflict pain with the drill.The stimulus that was previously neutral now stimulated the response to salivate, in other words, the bell is now a conditioned stimulus(CS) and the salivation is the conditioned response(CR).Without the Acquisition stage the eventual conditioned response wouldn’t have the strength to associate the conditioned stimuli. He questioned what would happen if after conditioning, the bell (CS) occurred repeatedly without the food(US)? It seemed that the dog salivated less and less as time went on without the food(US). Conditioned stimuli is one previsouly associated as unconditioned stimuli (or naturally occuring) which has been intentionally trained to a subject in order to associated the new stimuli with the old stimuli.An example of unconditioned stimuli would be wind blowing in a person’s eye; this stimuli is naturally occuring.This then becomes a conditioned stimulus, and the heart rate rising and unpleasant feelings to the sound become the conditioned response.This results in the process of classical conditioning.


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