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The Integrity of Leadership When examining responses about qualities needed in a good leader, the common response was “integrity.” Merriam-Webster defines integrity as, "firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values ; incorruptibility." This definition is widely known to most; however, it stems from the Latin root "Intetegritas," which translates as "purity and soundness." The sum of these definitions gives one a clear picture of integrity and invokes images of the many historical figures who embodied this integral trait.

Every political movement starts with a platform, a series of ideas and ideals that set the individual apart from his peers.

To be a great leader, following through with what you say is a necessity.

Sometimes, following through requires selflessness. Followers look for this trait when accepting a new figure as their leader.

Alter then shows how legal actors orchestrated an activist transformation of the European legal system-with the critical aid of jurist advocacy movements, and via the co-optation national courts.

The transformation of the European legal system wrested from member states control over the meaning of European law, but the ECJ continues to have differential influence across issue area.

The fact that we are humans ensures that mistakes will be made. Because of this fact, a person that shows this stands out in a crowd.

However, a person with true integrity, especially one in a place of leadership, will take responsibility for his mistakes. Political leaders, who are constantly in the public eye, have to be extra conscious of the way that they deal with mistakes.

Feminists hold a similar view, but on a different basis from the Marxists.

They oppose the exclusion of the family and domestic responsibilities from the domain of politics.


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