English Literature Essay Structure

Plan a rough structure outlining the basis of each point you will explore before you start writing in depth.A strong skeleton for each paragraph is first to establish your point, then to back up this idea with evidence, then to analyse the effect of this finding.

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4th sentence: CM #2: This is even further explanation, connection, or illumination.

I encourage you to go beyond two sentences of commentary, but you should start with at least two. Oftentimes, your meaning can be more accurately conveyed with the proper choice of words.

Rope in as many friends and family as you can to read your essay, even if in parts, as there will always be sentences that make complete sense to you but are baffling to others.

The most interesting part of studying literature is your own perception and ideas about the text.

Double-check your work for grammatical and spelling errors.

Nothing more quickly detracts from well-expressed ideas than a paper fraught with misspellings and other such errors.Once you have done this you can begin to thoughtfully refine and embellish your language. strong, and think about how you could change the word to something more specific and expressive.Instead of strong, could you say: unyielding, valiant, militant or unadulterated?Think about your essay like a bountiful ten-course meal, with each paragraph of your argument being a separate dish.In the right order, each dish compliments the last and leads the way for the next.You should focus on one point of your thesis (remember? A good way to start is to use the phrase "this shows that." However, ONLY use this in your rough draft-- it is a "think starter", not a lovely phrase worth keeping in your final draft.If you eliminate it, your sentence will still make sense and also sound much better.If you are really struggling with an essay, you may email me for help.If you struggle with writing, make sure to give yourself enough time to contact me (or someone else who can help with writing).*ESSAY CORRECTIONS: Oftentimes, I tend to abbreviate as I grade papers.You can start this thought with "furthermore" (which you can keep in your final draft here and there. Instead of saying someone walked, you could say he or she sauntered, strutted, or shuffled. Ask yourself if there is a better way to say what you mean. If you believe that the epic hero Beowulf represents Christ, use some support from the text to buttress your belief.Avoid making blanket statements about the literature without using the text as a basis.


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