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There are several families who appreciate having the flexibility of getting homework done around their schedule and not tied down to such a tight deadline.

As a result, I've experienced a higher completion rate of homework when it's checked on a weekly vs. The front cover page serves as a checklist for students to complete throughout the week.

Here are suggested steps a school, parish, department, or teacher might take to ensure successful homework completion.

First, confirm that students have a strong rapport with their teacher(s).

While probably not as meaningful as their video game level, students will be more excited to answer questions about themselves than a generic worksheet.

There are a few other motivating factors that can help establish homework as a meaningful part of a student’s educational experience.If you still aren't convinced, maybe these ACTUAL TEACHER REVIEWS of how this Common Core Reading Homework bundle improved their class' success & even changed their mindsets about homework may help!Homework is such a valuable formative assessment for both teachers and students, and yet students are motivated* by many different factors when it comes to their desire to actually complete the work.When students have the opportunity to select what questions to answer, what activity to complete or what role to play, they tend to feel more comfortable and confident about performing.Additionally, research shows that when students are dedicated to a task important to them, like improving their video game scores, or optimizing their success on a playing field, they will go to great lengths to improve.In this article, I'm sharing how to motivate students to do their homework and 11 vocabulary homework ideas and worksheets that work in grades 1–12.Plus, preview and grab my As a teacher, I try to concentrate students’ learning on activities done in class, because asking some students to complete work at home can be daunting.” For others who seem driven by the need to please or help others, teachers might encourage students by stating, “I’m disappointed that you weren’t able to complete your work on time, and I know you will submit your work in order to show us both what you know and understand,” might work better than, “Don’t you want the credit for this assignment?” Vocabulary Activity tasks students with answering a series of questions about themselves using vocabulary words in context.Finally, the teacher should praise students individually, as well as praise the class when homework is turned in on time.Many students thrive on positive reinforcement and also many may feel guilt if they let their classmates or teacher down.


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