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Here's what I did instead: I carried this grid with me in my sketchbook as I traveled across 3 continents and 1 ocean: from Switzerland to Italy to England, then across the Atlantic on a ship, then from Florida to Australia.

The journey took 4 months in total and whenever the moment felt right, I pulled out my sketchbook and added to the grid.

Now that you've drawn your grid (or conglomeration of shapes), your sketchbook assignment is to fill in each of the squares or shapes one day at a time.

By filling in one shape at a time, you thus create a visual diary of exactly where you were at that certain intersection of space and time.

Start with any shape you want - some people like going in a linear manner, starting from the top left and moving straight across before moving onto the next row.

Others, like me, choose a random shape and fill it in on a whim: For my first drawing, I doodled a star design inside a square.Here's how it goes: First, create a grid in any size you want, as long as it takes up a whole page in your sketchbook.You can draw a "normal" grid, like this: As you can see, you can interpret the "grid" in any way you want! In my grid, the shapes don't even touch one another, and that's totally okay.Watch this video: Perspective Video Find some object to draw in perspective: at least three (hint: squares and rectangles will help you understand perspective.One drawing is one point perspective, the second drawing is 2 point perspective.However, a sketchbook is more ideal because then the drawing will be safe from creasing or from getting lost, whereas a loose sheet of paper might easily get lost or damaged.After you finish filling in your grid, you can fill in the background (if there is one).In this assignment, you will be creating three separate Google Drawings: a Grecian Column, Flow of Data Diagram, and Original Drawing.The Original Drawing will also be used as part of your final project. Your logo should catch the viewer's eye and hold the viewer's attention.Text) a brief description of where in your original drawing you demonstrated the skills listed in "Required Skills" above.Your description should be sufficient for the grader to see in your drawing that you used each skill.


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