Critical Thinking Mathematics

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They need to work together in harmony to address perceived dilemmas, paradoxes, opportunities, challenges, or concerns (Treffinger, Isaksen, & Stead-Dorval, 2006).

Further, Poincare said something to the effect that mathematical creativity is simply discernment, or choice.

Creativity is there to be found in the math classroom. There are some astounding numbers floating around about the ratio of students asking questions, to teachers asking questions, in a typical math classroom. Once your classroom is an open space for wonder, your students don’t stop wondering!

Inquiry is also hidden in that little line in the picture from the curriculum above. Questions lead to answers, leading to more questions (I once called this the “inquiry tumbleweed”).

Look closely at the picture I started this post with: both problem-solving and inquiry are mentioned.

To the former: problem-solving classrooms will always have an element of creativity, unless we force our own methods, techniques and processes on our students.Click here to access the transcript for this video. Every Thursday, classes work on different open-ended math questions that promote collaborative communication, creative processes and critical thinking to problem-solve.Watch the video to learn more about Thinking Thursday, how it benefits students with LDs, and how to implement this initiative in your school.It will always be our job to consolidate purposefully, and to offer suggestions as to more efficient or effective solutions.The range and variety of the student work, with all its understandings and misunderstandings will lead us to that point.I was waiting to be bowled over by stunningly divergent solution paths. Since, I have been watching for more subtle evidence of creativity.Students using new thinking tools, or subtly tweaking a solution path or process they may have got from talking with their classmates.Einstein may have said something about how if you understand something, you can explain it to a child.If we can explain the quantum world without jargon, we can explain educational concepts without jargon, so here goes.Video Series: Current Educational Issues Video Series Publisher: Foundation for Critical Thinking Length: 59 minutes Format: VHS or DVD With Alan Schoenfeld and Richard Paul.Good for all levels of math and science instruction.


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