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A quantitative critical thinking test, by contrast, will require much more from you.Not only will you have to extract information from graphs, tables, and word problems, but you’ll also have to manipulate data in strange ways and pull in outside information to come to a conclusion.

In my last post, I discussed the nature of engaging the critical thinking (CT) process and made mention of individuals who draw a conclusion and wind up being correct.

But, just because they’re right, it doesn’t mean they used CT to get there.

Critical reasoning tests usually don’t last longer than about 20 minutes, so you’ll be working under pressure.

The last thing you’d want is to forget the mathematical knowledge you do have. It requires a great deal of creativity and concentration.

If the manner in which you measure something does not match, or assess the parameters set out in the way in which you define it, then you have not been successful in CT skills.

As a result, researchers and educators must consider the wide array of CT measures available, in order to identify the best and the most appropriate measures, based on the CT conceptualisation used for training.

Not only do you need to have mastered the basics, but you need to be able to manipulate mathematical rules in unpredictable ways.

These online questions and videos can get you started on numerical critical reasoning, but if you want to be really prepared for the assessment center, make sure to check out some of our resources below.

If your employer or prospective employer has asked you to take a numerical critical reasoning test, then you’re in for a challenge.

These exams are widely known as the most difficult psychometric examinations around, and they’ll demand all of your attention and ingenuity.


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