Creative Writing Lesson Ideas Ks4

Creative Writing Lesson Ideas Ks4-20
Your piece of writing can be simple and unfussy, but if it has a few interesting descri ptions or details and sounds genuine and sincere, the examiner will be on your side and willing you on. Don`t let worries about accuracy stop you from letting your thoughts and ideas flow.

Coupled with the nagging doubts that accompany any personal expression, this is indeed the nemesis to be faced on any English paper.

Reams have been written about creative writing and char rooms are full of desperate students pleading for help.

Don`t copy others` writing, learn from it and make your version original, which may sound like a paradox, but believe me it is necessary.

A third reason why you should be glad and grateful to be writing a creative piece is that it is easy marks and worth half of Paper 1`s marks.

For a group who often do not feel confident in their own abilities, this was really significant." (Teacher, Kingsway School)What would the world look like from the point of view of a withered tree on the Somme in World War I?

How would it sound to the tree in which Scout, Jem and Dill hide their treasures in “To Kill a Mockingbird”? And what might the clock on your classroom wall dream of as it gazes down on all the learning below?

English is a core part of the National Curriculum in the United Kingdom, and recognising that searching for resources on the internet can be time consuming, we have looked far and wide to save you time, by finding the best English resource websites.

Writing a creative writing essay is a daunting task at best, but can be positively terrifying when having to be completed within very strict time limits.

Experiential, exciting and empowering, our imaginative approaches harness tried and trusted approaches from the worlds of drama, visual art and creative writing.

Approaches specifically developed to support young people in developing their reading and writing skills – and to boost motivation, build on existing knowledge and enhance progression.


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