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Critiquing each other’s work is a great place to start, and something that was missing from my experience with writing/English classes in high school.

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Really all I wanted were notebooks, pencils and a few other little things here and there to help with the writing exercises. I ran out of everything – notebooks, pencils, seats, table space – but seeing these kids, scribbling away, giving voice to the stories in their heads, gave me hope for the future.

I’ve been facilitating an after-school creative writing club for students in grades 3rd-5th grades.

Do you have a passion for creative writing that you want to take to the next level?

When school started last year, I got the crazy idea that the students at my daughter’s elementary school might like a forum in which to do creative writing.

In addition to matching adult writers with teenage girls who love to write, GWN hosts monthly genre-specific writing workshops, similar to writing groups.

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Professional writers use groups to workshop their novels, memoirs, and screenplays.And lists could be adapted to meet a variety of needs. Make a list of everything that happens in your story. Make a list of all the doorway moments in your story. What happens when your character goes through a doorway and/or portal in your story? Make a list of all the questions and things you don’t know about your story. I take home their writing and make comments, then I meet with the young writers individually. Think about all the doorways your characters go through in the story. This way, I’m getting a chance to see their work on a larger scale and they get a chance to meet with me on on one. Man, I wish there had been a creative writing club when I was in high school.I mean, I took the creative writing class in my grade 11 year, and AP English in my grad year, but if there was a creative writing club I would have been part of that too because I’m that much of a writing geek.Although they get some in the classroom, I was thinking of a completely non-judgmental environment where I guide them but they ultimately do what they want, where there are no wrong answers or points off for misspelling a word.Really, I wanted for them the kind of club I would have loved myself as a child.If you’re a teen who loves to read, you have the foundation for being an excellent writer.One of the best ways to develop your craft is to join — or start — a writing group.The librarian agreed to keep me on the straight and narrow and I promised to keep his library in good working order. The first is we are respectful of everyone’s ideas; if a fellow student is reading his/her work aloud, we are quiet and listen closely.From there, I got myself invited to a PTA meeting to see if they would throw me some funds to run the club. The second is no one has to read if they don’t want to. I also give away middle grade books I’m done reading. At our first meeting this year fifty students showed up!


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