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Having achieved a Bachelor of Architecture degree, I have been working for three years, hands on in this field.I am confident that my skills and experience are exactly what you are looking for.On top of this I have excellent teamwork and communication skills.

I have an in-depth knowledge of building economics, structural design and material resolution and I am proficient with Microsoft Office, Adobe, Auto CAD and all major graphics programs.

I also have strong technical knowledge of all Building Regulations.

It will also avoid the appearance that you have sent them a generic cover letter, which could have been sent to any company for almost any position.

If you are responding to an advertisement, make sure that you address all of the position qualifications.

The below cover letter architecture sample is a good framework for writing your own cover letter for architecture firm.

Phillip Govern Address: xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Tel: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Email: xxxxxxxx Linkedin: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dear Larry, I read your recent job posting for the new position at your architecture firm with great interest and I believe I would be the perfect candidate to take that position.Emailed applications should contain a cover letter in the body of the email with a résumé attached.Typically, three or four short, easy-to-read paragraphs are adequate.If you do not have recruiter contact information, apply to a blind advertisement with, "Dear Recruiter:" Find out as much about the position and company as possible and tailor each cover letter toward the opportunity for which you are applying. Illustrate that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill the position requirements.It will show them that you have done your homework and assure them that you are a good match for the position.Even in the digital age a cover letter for architecture job is a very important thing to get right.The above architecture cover letter is a good starting template for writing your own letter.Associate the company product with your capabilities.Avoid making the common egocentric mistake of describing why the position would be good for you.The below advice and tips will explain further what you need to write.If you are an architect and want your cover letter that can help you land the job, you'd better choose a professional PDF cover letter templates first.


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