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The conclusion should also answer an important question: who cares?

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In an earlier post, we wrote on how to write hooks for essays. The essay conclusion imposes a similar challenge: you think it’s as easy as wrapping things up, but you’ll have to come up with a unique approach that will leave the reader impressed.

In the conclusion of an essay, you get a final chance to emphasize your point and make the reader think.

A smooth ending creates a well-written piece of work.

Without one, there would be no feeling of completeness to your essay.

This conclusion essay guide will teach you how to do that.

The conclusion is the final paragraph of the essay, which should restate the main points you made.It does not matter if you are looking to write an argumentative essay or any other type of this text, our tips and recommendations on how to write a conclusion presented below will come in handy and help you create a top-notch text! To learn better, you need to see a good example or several examples of a conclusion: Topic: The Causes Of The Civil War “The debates related to the significance of different reasons that have caused the American Civil War can last for a long time. Regardless of the fact that the Civil War took place about 150 years ago, some misunderstanding and contradictions between the North and South are still observed even in modern America.” Topic: What causes homelessness?However, there is no reasons to argue that there were several factors that have influenced the secession of the South: state’s right, slavery, and election of a new president – Abraham Lincoln, despite the fact that no Southern states have supported him. Unfortunately, today it is not an odd situation to pass by a homeless person on the city’s streets. However, if you dig deeper, you can discover that homelessness, in fact, is caused by a whole complex of reasons that also include lack of support from family, job loss, and lack of affordable living space.If you’re writing a 5-paragraph essay that’s not longer than 700 words, you can usually do this in a single sentence.Write two or three if necessary, but stay as brief and as clear as possible. You’ll notice he is restating the main points but doesn’t fall into the trap of repetitiveness.3. Now, it’s time for that last statement that will make the final impression.4.Make a Smooth Transition The conclusion should read well on its own, but it shouldn’t be isolated from the rest of the essay.You should start the first sentence of this paragraph with a clear transition that tells the reader you’re about to wrap things up.Despite this fact, many people feel comfortable thinking that this issue is caused by laziness or mental illnesses.However, there are many other factors to take into account.Students are rarely properly taught how to conclude an essay.Many even do not have an idea of what it really is.


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