Compare Contrast Essay Frankenstein Book Movie

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To explore these questions, pair the Shelley novel with the 1980 David Lynch movie “The Elephant Man” (and The Times’s movie review).

The film, based on real-life Joseph Merrick, tells the story of a congenitally disfigured 19th-century Englishman rescued from circus slavery by Frederick Treves, a prominent London surgeon.

” Or they might voice their opinions on another Times article, “Should Parents of Children With Severe Disabilities Be Allowed to Stop Their Growth?

”As they read articles about bioethics, they might use the following prompts for writing and discussion:• Are potentially harmful scientific experiments justified in the name of new knowledge and discovery?

Two hundred years ago this June, 19-year-old Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley sat in a hotel on Lake Geneva in Switzerland, in a relentless cold rain caused by bizarre weather from a massive volcanic eruption half a world away.

Vacationing with her future husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley; her stepsister, Claire Clairmont; and the poet Lord Byron, Mary Shelley dreamed up her Gothic novel “Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus” in response to a parlor game challenge to beat the boredom brought on by vacation cabin fever. " class="css-1m50asq" src="https://static01com/images/2015/05/10/books/review/10nehring-sub-LN/10nehring-sub-article Inline.jpg? quality=75&auto=webp&disable=upscale" src Set="https://static01com/images/2015/05/10/books/review/10nehring-sub-LN/10nehring-sub-article Large.jpg? quality=90&auto=webp 600w,https://static01com/images/2015/05/10/books/review/10nehring-sub-LN/10nehring-sub-jumbo.jpg? quality=90&auto=webp 930w,https://static01com/images/2015/05/10/books/review/10nehring-sub-LN/10nehring-sub-super Jumbo.jpg? quality=90&auto=webp 930w" sizes="((min-width: 600px) and (max-width: 1004px)) 84vw, (min-width: 1005px) 60vw, 100vw" item Prop="url" item ID="https://static01com/images/2015/05/10/books/review/10nehring-sub-LN/10nehring-sub-article Inline.jpg?Merrick, and discuss and write about appearances, goodness, revenge, violence and other themes.3.Lab Lit: Writing Fiction Based on Real Science“Frankenstein” may be the earliest example what this essay calls “lab lit.” What can we learn about science from fiction?What can we learn about the elements of fiction from stories about the work of real scientists?In “Lab Lit: Writing Fiction Based on Real Science,” a lesson plan based on the essay, students learn about the genre, then choose from a number of activities to explore an area of science through reading and writing lab lit.• In “Frankenstein,” who is responsible for the creature’s murderous acts: Dr. Are parents responsible for their children’s actions?Finally, in a related Learning Network lesson, “Tinkering With Nature: Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Genetically Engineering Animals,” students can learn about the process of gene editing, consider the ethical questions inherent in tinkering with animal DNA, and debate two very different case studies of animals already engineered: fast-growing salmon and offspring-free mosquitoes.Frankenstein and Bioethics In the 1800s as today, advances in medical science outpaced discussions of the social, cultural, legal and ethical implications of those advances.Just as Shelley and her contemporaries debated the issues, so do today’s thinkers, and the study of bioethics is an international one.Ask students to read an excerpt from the economics professor Todd May’s book “Friendship in an Age of Economics” and apply Aristotle’s three types of friendship — those of utility, pleasure, and true friendship — to the characters in the novel and movie.Have students compare and contrast Frankenstein’s creature with Mr.


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