Classification Essay On Ways Of Protecting The Environment

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Even though a great deal of effort is now being made by governments all over the world, individuals also have a major role to play in minimizing global environmental hazards.

Even though a great deal of effort is now being made by governments all over the world, individuals also have a major role to play in minimizing global environmental hazards.

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Instead of using this, Individuals efforts could be taken into account opting for eco friendly substitutes.

For example, people can use paper and cloth bags instead of plastic in supermarkets.

Lack of individual participation could mean that addressing environmental issue is beyond reach.==================================================It is a good answer as you address the question (*though not fully - see updated comments below for December), you have some good use of vocabulary and grammar, and you explain things.

But as I said above, don't go over each point too much. It is used to repeat the same thing that has just been said but in different words.

Even though a great deal of effort is minimizing global environmental hazards.

If individuals can make a conscious effort to change their lifestyle, by cutting down the use of private cars and using public transport, it would substantially reduce the burning of fossil fuels.

To understand the context of the WASH sector you need to understand the nature of the interactions between us as human beings and our environment.

Humans need to interact with the environment to obtain our food, water, fuel, medicines, building materials and many other things.

It simply means that the world has become more integrated economically, socially, politically and culturally through the advances of technology, transportation and communication.

Many people assume that developing countries will benefit from this process, however, far from having a positive influence, underdeveloped nations have been affected negatively in term of economy and culture.


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