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The malady is not entirely economic but chiefly moral and political.Great care is needed in deciding upon a line of conduct.

Civic life consists in that harmonious living in which the expression of personality and social life are fused together.

A citizen must be impartial, liberal-minded and ready to make sacrifices for the common good. But unfortunately human beings have not yet learnt the art of living in peace and goodwill.

The state exists to promote the welfare of the individual.

The individual members of a state have been called, in recent times, its citizens. But, now-a-days, the world has come to have a much larger meaning.

There also we have no right but only respon­sibilities.

It is therefore, worthwhile to consider whether human rela­tions in this world cannot be improved.

From one world war we are being buried on to another.

Science has proved to be a double edged weapon as destructive in war as it is useful in the development of the arts of peace.

Just as a man owes a duty to his father and mother, so a citizen owes a duty to the State. When one is young one goes on making demands on one’s parents.

But when one grows up one realizes that one owes service and sacrifice to one’s parents and elders. When a citizen is young in citizenship, he makes a demands on the State and expects everything to be done for him.


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