Childhood Memory Essay

Childhood Memory Essay-34
As you get older life just deteriates into a spiral set out by today’s society this only consists of stupid pettty laws and the idea you can never be good enough to meet the expectations of other people.Childhood is the only time in your life when you are not degraded and demoralised by people who think they are above you.No matter how hard we looked we could never find the treasure.

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Some can be pleasant and entertaining while others can be unpleasant and deadening.

After breakfast the television would be turned on and my granny would go out and do a couple of hours work for an old butcher who lived up the street. Waking him would also mean sacrificing the television not something any of us wanted to do.

From we were young my younger cousin Louise and I built up and especially close friendship we were always there for each other.

Whereas my older cousin and me would always fight, this usually ending up with me smacking him in the face and starting what seemed like world war three to us.

This ultimately would end in one of use getting hit with a flying marble or getting stabbed with a pen.


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