Chiarelli Essay

She asked the chef what the name of this meat dish was called, but he said it doesn’t have a name because it’s on the secret menu.

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This implies that if the place only has locals coming in and out, it’s most likely going to be too expensive, compared to other out-of-way places, and not going to be good the best.

In search of gelato, I went to a gelateria that was located by the Piazza del Campo, the most popular tourist attraction in Siena. This past Monday we went to an Italian cooking class at Scuola di Cucina Fonte Giusta.

Not to be dramatic or anything, but this was literally the best dish that has ever graced my taste buds.

I had no idea that melted cheese and meat could complement each other so beautifully.

The district’s programme will generate increased footfall which will benefit local retail and small manufacturing workshops - while its design will reactivate the west frontage of Wienerstrasse and add a buzzing cluster of activities.

The urban morphology of the project reflects this vision. As I waited in line to try the gelato for myself, I read the sign: “This photo was taken during my field trip to San Gimignano for my Sienese Art & Architecture class. When two of my professors from other classes heard where we were going, they recommended that we try the gelato, because it’s the best in all of Italy. When we arrived in San Gimignano that afternoon, the professor told us about the famous gelato, making it the third time I had heard about it.This was taken during Urban Trekking, which is a slow-paced walking tour of local life in Siena.This tour explores the scenic route and discovers a personal look into Sienese culture. The new quarter will establish relationships between stakeholders at different scales and spanning across sectors (from education to manufacturing, from the governmental to research).The spaces provided, and the programmed activities, translate into the breakdown of traditional siloes within, and outside, manufacturing, stimulating the serendipitous discovery of innovative products and services.This is a picture of some of the girls from my program trying the gelato, which was fantastic by the way.After we made the food at the cooking class, we went to their nearby restaurant while the staff prepared and served it to us. About two weeks ago, we had a field trip to San Gimignano for my Sienese Art & Architecture class.San Gimignano is located between Florence and Siena; it’s about a 45 minute drive north of Siena. The dough is typically made with only flour and water.


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