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I keep thinking that this extra expense is worth it if that means it satisfies a college requirement, which could easily cost thousands of dollars more.

The company picks tutors based on a number of criteria including background checks, reviews of past transcripts and standardized test scores, a history of tutoring or teaching, and in-person and video interviews to “determine friendliness, communication, ability to develop learning plans and how effective they'd be as a tutor.”There are several other companies that offer similar services.

After that, she went through punctuation, asking about comma placement.

She asked the question of whether the comma looked like it was in the right place, versus just telling her to the make the change, which was a helpful teaching aid.

For example, my Calc book is $200 (print) brand new, $120 (print) used, $160 (e-book) to own, and $100 (e-book) to rent.

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Long story short: it gives answers and in-depth explanations to every problem in almost every college textbook you can think of, from math to science to liberal arts, etc.

It's a month and for the year ( a month if you do the year).

We offered for the project, since the others were less expensive than that, and we kept checking back for about 12 hours.

No one responded to our request for help, so we gave up on that one.


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