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This area has high density housing mostly terraced which have now sometimes been replaced by high rise flats, small corner shops. Inner Suburbs:an area of the city which has larger housing usually with gardens and some parks. Houses tend to be semi detached or detached and will have been built in the 1920’s and 1950’s.

This area is found in between the inner city and the outer suburbs International: to do with more than one country Land Use: what the land is used for e.g. Linear Settlement: the buildings of the settlement are located along a road Local: to do with the area around you Migrant: a person who moves to another part of the country of another country often just to work for a while.

Brownfield Site: a site that was built on before, but can be redeveloped.

It often needs to be decontaminated before use which can cost money.

As it is based on personal judgements the data collected using environmental quality surveys is The easiest way to accurately record the locations of your sampling sites is to use a GPS – there are many different Smartphone apps that will allow you to do this.

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If you want to use GIS to locate your sites on a map or to display your data, you need to record your location as latitude and longitude.

Such as roads, railways, water supply, telephone system.

Inner City: the area within the city or town which borders the CBD.

Nucleated Settlement: the buildings in the settlement all form a cluster Old Industrial Area: an area within the city where many old factories are found which are often now closed. Peninsula: a piece of land that is almost surrounded by water Redevelop: to rebuild an area for a new use Residential Area: an area which is mainly homes (rather than shops or offices) Rural Area: countryside, where people live on farms, hamlets and small villages.

This area tends to be located along canals or rivers and be near the inner city. Outer Suburbs: the area in a city which is found on the edges (periphery) of the city containing new modern housing and new shopping centres. Settlement: a place where people live; it could be a hamlet, village, town or city.


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