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When formulating your goals, use the SMART principle to provide investors with a very clear vision of how you intend to achieve them.

Use a Gantt chart (a sort of modified bar chart) to outline the major milestones and phases of your business strategy.

As you think about opening a business, you may consider developing a business plan.

The guides and courses below can help you with this process.

Another part of analyzing market potential is about identifying and understanding target customers.

This means segmenting customers by geography, interests, demographics…really anything that might affect purchasing behaviour.

Two standard metrics that most businesses include in a market segmentation summary are customer age and gender.

These data are easily summarized in a histogram, with bars that represent age group distribution.

Video: What Investors Really Think About Your Business Plan.

At our Entrepreneur magazine Roundtable, financial pros offer tough talk about the business plans of first-time entrepreneurs: Related: What Investors Really Think About Your Business Plan Video: How Can I Hire Someone to Help Write My Business Plan?


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