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Behind all of these future actions is the pro forma financial statement.Call us at 1 (800) 661-9842 and make a great financial decision.All financial projections are wrong, by definition. They are easy to learn and really important because using them wrongly in business plan financials is at best going to make a very bad impression, and at the worst could even be fraud.You need a detailed sales analysis and forecasts of any other income as well as complete projections of the cost of those sales, salaries and benefits, operating expenses, interest expense, etc.Your income statement (profit & loss) forecasts will show you if the business can make money.We’re human and we don’t predict the future accurately. Go for plausibility, and then follow up with regular plan versus actual analysis, review and revisions. The guardians of financial correctness live in an unforgiving world. Banking, finance, and investment assign exact meanings to several important financial terms.It takes focusing your attention for an initial few minutes and then having the discipline to check back when you need to.Read and understand this section, keep it in mind when you deal with financial projections, and you will be fine.There are three standard financial projections: the Projected Income (also called Projected Profit and Loss), Projected Balance, and Projected Cash Flow.I’m going to continue in following blog posts with more details, and how-to, with steps and illustrations, for each.


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