Bravery Essay

You will persevere until the end of that obstacle sometimes knowing that you are only to get new ones in its place.Over coming obstacles and showing courage is part of bravery because no one thinks of someone as brave, if when things get hard they turn away and quit only to let someone else do it for them.I’ve been using their services for a year now, and they have never let me down.

Both of these people are showing bravery in confronting their fears and seeking help.I’d like to finish by mentioning a different type of this – honesty really.It was a personal experience so I’ll explain how it involves bravery.Good for your daughter, sharing a talent is an awesome thing.You remind me of my mother, not liking to speak up.This is all viewed by society in general as brave (sometimes irresponsible in the case of the civilian) behaviour.But what about the personal bravery which is occurring constantly around us; unseen, unrecognised for what it is?For example, if a kid is being teased, it takes bravery to stand up for that one kid even though you may be teased with him.You just have to know that your are doing the right thing.There are many different levels of bravery just as putting your life on the line is bravery so is standing up for people at school or taking on a hard task.When people are full of fear or in an unsafe environment they usually tend to shut down and just let their fear and instinct take over.


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