Book Titles In An Essay

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The convention of italicizing non-English words and phrases does not apply to proper names; thus, a title of a short non-English work simply receives quotation marks.

If a title is enclosed in quotation marks, do not include the quotation marks in any additional formatting markup.

because the subtitle is given on a separate line on the cover or a poster), use a colon and a space, not a dash, comma, or other punctuation, to separate the title elements.

If there are two subtitles, a dash can be used between the second and third elements.

For example, if a title in quotation marks is the subject of a Wikipedia article and therefore displayed in boldface in the lead section, the quotation marks should not be in boldface because they are not part of the title itself.

For further information, see Wikipedia: Manual of Style – Punctuation.Title case should not be imposed on such titles under such a citation style when that style is the one consistently used in an article.Always capitalized: When using title case, the following words Other styles exist with regard to prepositions, including three- or even two-letter rules in news and entertainment journalism, and capitalization of no prepositions at all at many academic publishers.These styles are not used on Wikipedia, including for titles of pop-culture or academic works, respectively.Potential exceptions: Apply our five-letter rule (above) for prepositions except when a significant majority of current, reliable sources that are independent of the subject consistently capitalize, in the title of a specific work, a word that is frequently not a preposition, as in "Like" and "Past".Examples of titles which are quoted but not italicized: The formatting of the title of a pamphlet, which is on the divide between a booklet or short book on the one hand and a leaflet or brochure on the other – specifically, whether to italicize the title or place it within quotation marks – is left to editorial discretion at the article in question.Anything that has been assigned an ISBN or ISSN should be italicized. For people's honorific and occupational titles, see WP: Manual of Style § Titles of people, and (for more details) WP: Manual of Style/Biographies § Honorific titles.Any substantive edit to this page should reflect consensus. The actual medium of publication or presentation is not a factor; a video feature only released on video tape, disc or the Internet is considered a "film" for these purposes, and likewise an e-book is a book, a webcomic is a comic strip, a music album only available from the artist on a limited-edition USB drive is a real album, a TV series only available via streaming services is still a series, etc. Website titles may or may not be italicized depending on the type of site and what kind of content it features.These cases are well-established conventions recognized in most style guides.Do not apply italics to other categories or instances because you feel they are creative or artful (e.g.


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