Best American Essays Christopher Hitchens

It is definitely a book that will rouse its readers into discussion with high-tension topics such as radicalism and the folly of blind faith.

Whether you practice a religion or not, wish to better develop your position on this complex debate, or the premise has captured your intellectual curiosity, this book won’t be forgotten easily.

Hitchens also examines notable figures across a variety of academic disciplines. G Ballard, and Karl Marx are among the names discussed as Hitchens offers new perceptions of these legendary figures with an insight accrued by an individual with formidable skill, experience and understanding of the human condition.

For nearly a dozen years, Christopher Hitchens contributed an essay on books each month to The Atlantic.

We are reminded he was always ahead of the rest of us, filing a suit against the US National Security Agency because “it was engaging in widespread warrantless surveillance of American citizens” a full decade before Snowden.

He alerts us, too, that while Barack Obama was editing the , about Hitchens’s efforts to shake his smoking and drinking habits.

Recognized as a public intellectual, he was a staple of talk shows and lecture circuits.

Hitchens was a columnist and literary critic at The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, Slate, World Affairs, The Nation, Free Inquiry, and a variety of other media outlets.

It’s hilarious, sensible and gives two fingers to the #eatclean brigade.

Contrary, witty, and always brilliant, Hitch couldn’t be dull even if he tried.


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