Bernard Marx Brave New World Essay

Bernard Marx Brave New World Essay-72
He throws away the hospital workers’ soma supply because, he says, it makes the citizens of the World State “slaves.” At the end of the novel the Controller, Mustapha Mond, allows John to live however he chooses.John chooses to seek truth through ritual self-punishment, but he fails in his search and gives into the temptations of pleasure.

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After he returns from the reservation, however, his connection to John brings about a newfound popularity.

Briefly, Bernard feels a sense of importance, but once this wears off, Bernard is more unhappy than ever.

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She engages in meaningless sexual relationships, numbs herself with soma, and is unable to connect emotionally to John.

Tragically, Lenina’s lack of humanity leads to her death at John's hands. He is an outsider at the Indian reservation, as well as when he returns to the World State.

It’s such horribly bad form to go on and on like this with one man” (Huxley 41).

After a continued struggle, Lenina ultimately conforms to the expectations of the World State.

He later goes through a process of trying to fit in due to his newfound celebrity as the person who brought back the Savage.

However, in the end, he accepts Mond's words that he will be happier in exile on a far-away island.


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