Assign Pointer To Pointer

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This memory space does not even need a name associated with it.You create space in memory using the In this allocation, we have created a space that is big enough to store 5 integers.

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We can derive the address of a variable by placing a "&" symbol in front of the variable name.

Here is an example: That value makes sense to the computer, but it is of no use to programmers.

As you might think, pointer arithmetic uses operators to increment or decrement addresses.

However, to increment a pointer means to add enough to its value to move to the next element of the data type to which it points.

To do this, we have to in the statement is a dereference.

Using the same syntax to declare pointers and to dereference pointers can be a bit confusing, especially if the declaration is used with an initial value, like in the above example.

We will discuss how memory can be dynamically allocated and manipulated using pointers.

And we will see that arrays and pointer are very closely connected.

These two ideas are so very close that C treats them the same.

We will demonstrate that Are Pointers and Arrays Really the Same Thing?


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