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In 1979, she was honored with Nobel Peace Prize but she refused to accept it in an award ceremony and asked for all the award money to be donated to the poor in India.

All material rewards were only important so long as they helped her in serving humanity, the mother believed.

Although officially titled the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM), during Mother Teresa’s time, the order was widely known as the Loreto Sisters, named after the shrine in Italy where the founder, Venerable Mary Ward, used to pray. She was born in Yorkshire, in 1585, into a Roman Catholic family in a time in which it was dangerous to be an openly practicing Catholic. Despite their wealth, Ward’s grandmother was imprisoned for 14 years for refusing to renounce her faith.

Persecution like this drove Catholic families underground or abroad.

We may not have what it takes to become Mother Teresa but she did certainly inspire us to have a clean heart and to serve humanity.

She makes us want to provide the needy a better life.She service was not fuelled by a need for fame but for her love of Christ, the voice of her inner soul.Then she established an open air school and also a ‘Home for the Dying’.I think there is no religion in the world which asks for violence and bloodshed. Only when we strive to fulfill our selfish needs we make religion an excuse to justify our lust for money, votes, power etc. That is why becoming a religious person gives you happiness and peace in life.Mother Teresa taught us that true inner peace comes from following the greatest of all religions – Humanity.These are some of her thoughts that have inspired me – Remain calm as God resides in your heart and talks to you when you are calm.Happiness does not need electronic gadgets and materialistic achievements. The thoughts are so inspiring that if you make these as a part of your daily affirmations you will be free from worldly tensions.She yearned to serve God in the world while maintaining the interior calm fostered by the contemplative prayer she learned in the convent.In searching for a spirituality that suited her temperament, she was inspired by the Society of Jesus, founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola only a generation earlier. Instead, they labor in the world , “for the greater glory of God,” and seek to discern God in all things.An Indian admirer of Mother Teresa once gifted her with her own personal “calling card.” He was a businessman, so perhaps he intended a bit of whimsy in offering such a worldly item to a woman who had renounced wealth to serve the poor. From first to last, the spirituality that inspired Mother Teresa and her sisters was centered on Jesus Christ.But Teresa liked the card so much that she had copies made and regularly handed them out to people for the rest of her life. It was he whom they heard in silent prayer, he who sustained their faith, he whom they lovingly served, and he who gifted them with the peace that passes all understanding. Prayer in action is love in action.” The Missionaries of Charity, in other words, aspired to be “contemplatives in the heart of the world,” disciplined through prayer to recognize Christ in every person they encountered.


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