A&P By John Updike Response Essay

He made a quick and irrational decision, rather if it affected his life or not we would never know.One could make the assumption that yes he was affected, because he possibly brought shame to his parents.

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Reader-Response to John Updike’s “A&P” “Sammy, you don’t want to do this to your Mom and Dad,” he tells me. But it seems to me that once you begin a gesture it’s fatal not to go through with it (323).

This statement made by Sammy after quitting his job, was made towards the end of John Updike’s story “A&P”.

As the girls are leaving, one of the cashiers, Sammy, tells the manager he quits.

He does this partly to impress the girls and partly because he feels the manager took things too far and didn't have to embarrass the young women.

With it being a small town word gets around fast a there is a chance that Sammy wouldn’t be able to find a job any other place because of how he had quit he job prior.

Sammy labeled the people whom were in the store as “sheep pushing their carts down the aisle” (321), as in how people were expected to act in society, being constrained, unable to be yourself.)[...]" "You know, it's one thing to have a girl in a bathing suit down on the beach, where what with the glare nobody can look at each other much anyway, and another thing in the cool of the A & P, under the fluorescent lights, against all those stacked packages, with her feet paddling along naked over our checkerboard green-and-cream rubber-tile floor." Sammy obviously finds the girls physically alluring, but he's also attracted by their rebellion.He doesn't want to be like the "sheep" he makes such fun of, the customers who are befuddled when the girls enter the store.Three barefoot girls in bathing suits walk into an A & P grocery store, shocking the customers but drawing the admiration of the two young men working the cash registers.Eventually, the manager notices the girls and tells them that they should be decently dressed when they enter the store and that in the future, they will have to follow the store's policy and cover their shoulders.The story is told from the first person point of view of Sammy.From the opening line--"In walks, these three girls in nothing but bathing suits"--Updike establishes Sammy's distinctively colloquial voice.Take Sammy for example, just because he quit his job that his parents helped him to get, this didn’t mean that he would have never be successful in life.Sammy lived in a small town in New England; there were not a lot of large businesses there, just a small quaint town.Sammy had quit his job, a job that his parents helped him to get.Sammy opened up a whole new world; a world that I don’t think Sammy was ready for.


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