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These poems were made very catchy so they could easily be recalled and rhymes.Anglo-Saxon literature, such as epic poems, also show the influence of Christianity and how they presented their beliefs through writing.The English language developed from the West Germanic dialects spoken by the Angles, Saxons, and other Teutonic tribes who participated in the invasion and occupation of England in the fifth and sixth centuries.

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Anglo-Saxon literature did not begin with books, but with spoken verse and songs or poems such as epic poems.

This Is clearly demonstrated by the poem “The Wanderer.

The language flourished in England until the Norman conquest, when French became for a time the language of the court and of literature.

English was thus left to everyday use and changed rapidly in the direction of the modern language.

These poems give us a good understanding of what life was like in England during the Middle Ages.

By their well-written, vivid poetry, Anglo-Saxon poets were able to paint a picture of what they valued, and how they saw Christianity in the world around them.In “The Dream of the Rood,” Christianity is expressed very powerfully.Vivid imagery is included to demonstrate strong devotion to God.After reading these samples of Anglo-Saxon literature, there is an apparent Christian versus Pagan undertone. Pagans believed in many gods and in fate, which meant everything in life was predetermined and nobody had control over it.These ideas were expressed in many Anglo-Saxon poems.We are able to get a sense of their values from it.The Anglo-Saxons valued strength and zeal, as well as many other important values in life.Just by reading their literature, we can get a good understanding of how ideas were expressed back then.Their poems tell us about Anglo-Saxon culture, their views on Christianity, and also their values.In Anglo-Saxon culture and literature, to be a hero was to be a warrior.A hero had to be strong, intelligent, and courageous.


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