An Essay About Civilazation

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The Archaic Period: 7000-2000 BCE – During this time a hunter-gatherer culture began to cultivate crops such as maize, beans and other vegetables and the domestication of animals (most notably dogs and turkeys) and plants became widely practiced.

The first villages of the region were established during this period which included sacred spots and temples dedicated to various gods.

The Olmecs settled along the Gulf of Mexico and began building great cities of stone and brick.

The famous Olmec heads strongly suggest highly sophisticated skill in sculpture and the first indications of Shamanic religious practices date from this period.

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An Essay About Civilazation

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The villages excavated thus far are dated from 2000-1500 BCE.

The Olmec Period: 1500-200 BCE – This era is also known as the Pre-Classic or Formative Period when the Olmecs, the oldest culture in Mesoamerica, thrived.


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