All The Kings Men Essay

A glimpse of such difficulties is observable when Jack visits Ellis in his apartment and Jack's jealousy is revealed as Ellis cares for George.

He finally understands the spider web theory, which Mastern alludes to, and senses the link between truth and moral welfare. When looking back, Jack thinks of him at this time as Cousin Willie - an innocent but independent man who works as the County Treasurer.

He barely ever drinks alcohol and is devoted to his schoolteacher wife, Lucy.

All the king's men could not 'put him together again' either morally (when he decides to employ Larson to avoid blackmail) or physically (with his death).

The reference to king in the title also foreshadows Willie's rise to demagogue.

An immediate query regarding this Pulitzer Prize-winning book usually touches on the relationship of Willie Stark and Huey Long.

Governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1931, Long led a career that parallels what Warren designs for Stark, and Long presented a similarly powerful and paradoxical personality.An unorthodox champion of the little man, Long in his 1924 race for governor was unsuccessful when he tried to remain moderate on the Ku Klux Klan issue.His 1928 try for the office was a triumph, however, and at thirty-five, the outspoken country boy was a governor who almost single-handedly ruled the state.After finally realising that he has been used as a 'sap' in his initial attempt at running for Governor, the changes in Willie become more apparent.From this point he is more jaded about the way politics works and once he finally becomes Governor he embraces the same machinery and outlook that fooled him into thinking he had been considered a worthy leader the first time. To what extent is corruption criticized in this novel?The assassination of Willie and Jack's developed awareness of how actions are connected to other actions (as with Mastern's spider web analogy) entail that Jack condemns irresponsibility in its concluding passages.It is imperative to argue, however, that this novel does not offer a damning indictment of corruption as such; it is subtle and shifting in its portrayal of Willie and Jack's attraction to power. Analyze the parent/child relationship in All the King's Men.His men follow his orders and Jack in particular is blind to the concept of responsibility whilst in his employ.Willie's status as king (or rather Governor of Louisiana) is comparable to that of a fascist, populist ruler who becomes so embroiled in his role that democracy is forgotten. Consider the importance of the concept of truth in this work.There is an equally wide scope to the thematic questions posed by the work.The novel’s complexities arouse various responses in its readers.


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