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My advice is that you keep your ,000 in your pocket until you come up with an actual plan.These are the hard questions you need to answer: 1.

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If you'd like to read more about this stuff, most libraries and bookstores are full of books on advertising, including three of my own.

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To what degree do you have financial staying power? This technique will simultaneously work for and against you.

On one hand, customers tend to delay what can be delayed, so limited-time offers generate traffic more quickly since the threat of "losing the opportunity" is real.

It also received 20 testimonials from readers, earning it our reader-approved status. Starting your own advertising agency can be a very rewarding and profitable career choice.

Competition is stiff, however, so you'll have to make sure your company is a step above all the rest.

But aim that pathetic pistol at an opponent holding a machine gun, and you can kiss your silly butt goodbye. If your competitor carries a machine gun, don't go where he goes. Likewise, an ad for a product we buy twice per year will produce results faster than an ad for a product we buy only once a year.

Remember, a customer first has to be exposed to your ad often enough to remember it, then you have to wait for that customer to need what you sell. Not hiring a professional ad writer is often far more expensive than hiring one.


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