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Moving Beyond Decolonisation Through Societal Reidentification And Guiltless Recognition. (2007) Thesis, How Can I bring Ubuntu As A Living Standard Of Judgment Into The Academy? Coventry University in Collaboration with the University of Worcester.

Moving Beyond Decolonisation Through Societal Reidentification And Guiltless Recognition. (2007) Thesis, How Can I bring Ubuntu As A Living Standard Of Judgment Into The Academy? Coventry University in Collaboration with the University of Worcester. (2011) Thesis, My Emergent African Great Story 'Living I' as naturally including neighbourhood, embodying an audacious Valuing Social Living Pedagogy and imagining the universe luminously, as an energetic inclusion of darkness throughout light and light in darkness. Creating the space for intergenerational student-led research.

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2017 Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa. Jerome Thamsanqa Gumede's (2011) Doctor of Technology: Education Thesis, An Auto-Ethnographic Enquiry: Critical Reflection on the Influences in the Development of a Black African Male Educator.

Helen O' Connor's Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology - From Unearthing Values To Building Educational Foundations: How The Values Of Education Swanage Were Influential In Founding The Swanage School. Delysia Timm's Doctor of Technology: Education (2012) Thesis, Towards The Biochemical Nature Of Learning And Its Implication For Learning, Teaching And Assessment: A Study Through Literature And Experiences Of Learners And Educators.

The use of offensive, discriminatory, or other unacceptable language needs to be avoided in the formulation of Questionnaire/Interview/Focus group questions. Privacy and anonymity or respondents is of a paramount importance. Acknowledgement of works of other authors used in any part of the dissertation with the use of Harvard/APA/Vancouver referencing system according to the Dissertation Handbook 6.

Maintenance of the highest level of objectivity in discussions and analyses throughout the research 7.

Moreover, participants have rights to withdraw from the study at any stage if they wish to do so. Respondents should participate on the basis of informed consent.

The principle of informed consent involves researchers providing sufficient information and assurances about taking part to allow individuals to understand the implications of participation and to reach a fully informed, considered and freely given decision about whether or not to do so, without the exercise of any pressure or coercion.[2] 3.

Bradley PDF Perceptions of Public Middle School Teachers About the Influence Their Personal Religious Beliefs Have on Their Professional Lives as Educators, Matthew Edward Brooks PDF The Efficacy of Postsecondary Vocational Curriculum in Preparing Students to Transition from School to Work, Peter Brown PDF Perception of African-American Adult Learners Toward Using Technology in Education, Kaira J.

Bullock PDF Retaining Special Education Teachers for Students within the Juvenile Justice System, Kendra Byrd PDF Predictors of Intent to Stay of Clinical Care Managers in the Inpatient and Outpatient Settings: A Causal-Comparative Study, Carlo C.

Thesis (2010) Within Dialogue and Without: How has 'Being in the Unkown' become a value in my developing as a better dialogical educator? (2008) Thesis, How do I contribute to the education of myself and others through improving the quality of living educational space?

(2008) Thesis, Evolution of a rehabilitation programme for chemically dependent male street adolescents in a major indian city. Coventry University in collaboration with the University of Worcester.


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