A Proposed Framework For Teaching And Evaluating Critical Thinking In Nursing

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Experiential Learning is engagement, the process whereby students and faculty are actively connected and involved in their learning about nursing and their work with people, the interprofessional healthcare team, and the community.

This active engagement has intellectual, social, and emotional components (Kahu, 2011; Schreiner, 2010a, b, c) and requires “meaningful processing, focused attention and active participation” (Schreiner, 2010b, p. Experiential Learning may include, but is not limited to: Global Worldview is the process of integrating an intercultural and international dimension into the teaching, research, and service functions of nursing education.

Our faculty design and facilitate experiences to guide students to integrate theoretical concepts into practice, foster a spirit of inquiry, and expand critical and reflective thinking in nursing.

This design enables students to acquire attitudes, cognition, and the essential skills needed to develop the knowledge and behaviors that comprise the professional nursing role.

Critical inquiry assists students to examine and challenge the status quo and the power relations that produce inequalities, in ways that can lead to advocacy and community action (Wright, 2004).

A Proposed Framework For Teaching And Evaluating Critical Thinking In Nursing

Learning to think and act like professional nurses involves using clinical reasoning and critical inquiry with elements of reflective judgment resulting in a reasoned, analytic cyclical process which incorporates scientific evidence, objective thought, contextual elements, values, and ever-changing conditions. “Worldview” is defined as “the overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world” (A global worldview is integral to achieving cultural competence in areas such as ability, age, ethnicity, generation, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Definition of Nursing, International Council of Nurses. Retrieved from https://ch/about-icn/icn-definition-of-nursing/ Edmondson-Jones, P. (2007) A framework for the delivery of public health: an ecological approach. This approach may include, but is not limited to: Professionalism requires a body of knowledge, on-going generation of knowledge, evidence-based practice, socially sanctioned or mandated service, autonomy, self-governance, code of ethics and participation in professional societies and organizations (Porter-O’Grady & Malloch, 2012). Professionalism is exhibited in the behaviors and attitudes of each individual nurse. Retrieved from American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, (4th ed.). The integration of core disciplinary values, knowledge, and personal reflection is the foundation of professionalism in nursing. Essentials of Master’s .0Education in Nursing Essentials in Nursing. It involves active listening and careful evaluation including nonverbal, extrasensory, written, spoken and written in technological formats. Nursing communication has a professional, therapeutic, collaborative and client-centered focus. 85) in order to fulfill their professional roles and potential. This curriculum incorporates many ways of knowing in student learning experiences but emphasizes clinical reasoning and critical inquiry as cornerstones of evidence-based nursing practice. Teaching students to reason and “think like a nurse” (Benner et al., 2010, p. 85) involves elements of focused reflection, written and/or verbal articulation of thoughts, assignments that connect new experiences to existing knowledge, critical inquiry, creative thinking, and nursing judgment.


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