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This piece shouldn't be a totally new technique, it should be something you have created as a result of a culmination of ideas from your prep work and needs to link directly to this.Make sure you choose something doable within the time frame.

This is the final 'exam' and will be done over the course of 3 days (5 hours each day).

You are not allowed to touch any of your work except this final piece from when you start on the first day.

I thought i would make this thread since this is the time of year that AS art students start their personal investigation for A2 and i also find myself writing similar things on art threads.

I don't profess to be an absolute expert on this but having recently finished A2 everything is still quite fresh so i thought i would write it down.

Hopefully this can help someone also Gingerbread101 idk if this would be useful to some people in your section?

Furthermore if you get all your art work done on time then this frees you up to revise your other subjects for the A2 exams as art finishes quite early Finally good luck this is a hard and intense course but it really does feel rewarding to see your work in a display case on the walls at the end of the year hopefully that helped at least someone Hi I have done A level Art.After all the previous stages this is the culmination of all of that work.Choose the pieces that you think look the most effective from what you have produced and then mount these on an A2 board.Speaking of art galleries make sure you go to a couple at least as part of your research, this shows an interest in 'art history' and whilst i will admit they aren't the most exciting things in the universe they become important for the essay you will write about your personal investigation.Experimentation in different media and styles is also very important for projects, examiners like to see versatility and students stepping out of their comfort zone.rep Thank you so much Cavs, this was very well thought out and thank you for your time - it's sagely advice, particularly for a STEM-oriented website where there is little support or info around other subjects..rep Thank you Sean and i agree, i think that art is often overlooked because it's exam isn't the same formula as other subjects, however just because it isn't academically doesn't mean it isn't hard.This is your 'prep sheet' you can include photos on this or do a separate photos board.You can also include standalone pieces that can be mounted on a separate board.-Your sketchbook is your best friend, document everything in your sketchbook as you will get marks for it and it shows an organic thought process.Don't just include the things you have done which worked, include things that didn't and explain why they didn't and why you aren't happy with it.


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