2 Step Problem Solving

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Use a letter for the unknown variable, and create an algebraic equation that represents the problem.In the example, take the total number of pairs of socks Suzy owns -- eight plus six.In the example, you know by adding up all the numbers for the sisters that you have a maximum of 23 socks.

Using common sense, estimate an answer and see if you come close to what you expected.

If the answer seems absurdly large or too small, search through the problem to find where you went wrong.

If you get a higher number, you did something wrong.

Apply this logic to any word problem, regardless of the difficulty.

In multi-step math word problems, one or more problems have to be solved in order to get the information needed to solve the question being asked.

This lesson will provide help and guidance that will help solve these types of problems.

Exponents and roots come first, then multiplication and division, and finally addition and subtraction.

Check if your answer makes sense with what you know.

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