1984 Brave New World Comparison Thesis

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Additionally, they share similarity on how they often rebel against their own societies.Therefore, it is may be noted with certainty that both the movie Gattaca and book “The Brave New World” have a character who share similarity and at some points expressing different opinions (Huxley 12).The main characters in these artworks are similar in the sense that they are portrayed as strong characters that readily rebel against their own societies.

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This gives rise to one of the most famous quotation from Brave New World, “All history is bunk.

” The ability to rewrite or “edit” history is not so far distant from our current technological society.

(Wilson 01) The main character in Gattaca, Vincent has inner strength compared to John and Bernard who are the main characters in the book The Brave New World.

These two characters had once never been happy with themselves for not being perfect.

To maintain order in Brave New World, the Resident Controller must have complete authority over more than just the present; he must also have influence over the past.

In order to be able to achieve this, he must be able to rewrite history.

There are different classes of people with different intelligence and different “career plans.

” The social order was divided into the most highly educated, the Alpha , and then in descending intelligence, the following divisions: Alpha, Beta, Beta -, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon, which is the last group comprised of those citizens of the lowest intelligence who are necessary to perform society’s most menial jobs.

Brave New World focuses constantly on the question of whether technology requires a sacrifice of human individuality.

In this novel the reader is keenly aware of the dangers that homogeneity poses to the quality of life.


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